Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Awesome Cover Contest Part Six

The contest is finally over. This week, I only received a submission from one person. Luckily, Dustin Reade was so inspired that he submitted two. Of the first one he says, "I saw that you were having a contest cover thingy. I made you a cover thingy. My name is Dustin. View my cover thingy." Of the second one he says, "Okay. I did one more. Here it is. This one has a ginat baby thing eating a fetus on the edge of a cliff! Happy day!"

Remember, there is no voting for the cover although all opinions will be read. It's also important to note that the winner receives absolutely nothing for his/her effort. The winning cover will be revealed when the ebook is released by the end of April.

Thanks to everyone who contributed something!

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