Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fill the Grand Canyon and Live Forever Awesome Cover Contest

Fill the Grand Canyon and Live Forever will probably be out digitally within the next few months. I'm looking for the most awesome or brain damaged cover to represent it. You are invited to submit your MS Paint drawings or something more spectacular to with GRAND CANYON!!! in the subject line. I will post everything I get on this blog. I will probably end up using the one I find most entertaining and paying the creator absolutely nothing. The advantage of digital is that the book could have a potential spectrum of covers so I might end up using more than one. It's not really necessary to read or know what the book is about, but if you're curious, you can read some of an early version HERE. It went on hiatus when my life fell apart and then I was too depressed and lazy to keep updating it.

The contest will end on March 19 and, hopefully, the book will be live by April 1.

THIS IS THE IMPORTANT STUFF!!! It has to be at least 500 X 800 pixels. Have no idea what that means? Neither do I. Please send .jpg files only!

I'm looking forward to being awash in brilliance!