Monday, February 13, 2012

Awesome Cover Contest Part Two

Here are some more cover submissions for the Fill the Grand Canyonn and Live Forever Awesome Cover Contest:

This first one is from Joan Defers. She says, "I saw the contest post so I wasted a lunch hour on a cover for you." It is is definitely appreciated. As a bonus, she adds, "The pic I used is from the National Archives, and it's free for commercial use. Not getting threatened with lawsuits rules." Clicking on her name will take you to her blog. It's pretty entertaining stuff.

The next submission is from someone named Andy Adams who says he spent "many tortured hours dragging this artwork up from his soul." This is as NSFW as my blog has possibly ever felt.

And then there was Chris Bowsman who was so enamored with his MSPaint skills that he decided to design both a front and a back cover. He says, "I spelled your name wrong on purpose. That made me laugh a lot."

The final entry this week comes from floor dweller Sam McCanna who says, "Just threw this together. I call it 'A Study in Pooping'." Seems apt. You can buy t-shirts from this creep at Skurvy Ink.