Monday, February 27, 2012

Awesome Cover Contest Part Three

After a week hiatus, the Awesome Cover Contest continues to muddle along. This update is relatively weak, but only in quantity. Remember, you have until mid-March to submit your awesomeness. If possible, all submissions will be included in the ebook version of Fill the Grand Canyon and Live Forever and one or more will be chosen as the ebook cover.

Up first this week is Gerd Heilemann. Gerd says, "this is what I did..." and I agree.

Next up is the wonderfully talented Justin Grimbol. As well as being the author of The Crud Masters, he also blogs at His Cock Is Money. Grimbol says, "I like to draw dicks."

Monday, February 13, 2012

Awesome Cover Contest Part Two

Here are some more cover submissions for the Fill the Grand Canyonn and Live Forever Awesome Cover Contest:

This first one is from Joan Defers. She says, "I saw the contest post so I wasted a lunch hour on a cover for you." It is is definitely appreciated. As a bonus, she adds, "The pic I used is from the National Archives, and it's free for commercial use. Not getting threatened with lawsuits rules." Clicking on her name will take you to her blog. It's pretty entertaining stuff.

The next submission is from someone named Andy Adams who says he spent "many tortured hours dragging this artwork up from his soul." This is as NSFW as my blog has possibly ever felt.

And then there was Chris Bowsman who was so enamored with his MSPaint skills that he decided to design both a front and a back cover. He says, "I spelled your name wrong on purpose. That made me laugh a lot."

The final entry this week comes from floor dweller Sam McCanna who says, "Just threw this together. I call it 'A Study in Pooping'." Seems apt. You can buy t-shirts from this creep at Skurvy Ink.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reading in Chicago on March 1

I will be in Chicago on March 1 for a reading with Mykle Hansen, Michael Allen Rose, and Garrett Cook at the Knockbox Cafe. I will also be more than happy to sign any books you want to bring with you. I'll only have a few copies of Fuckness and The Driver's Guide to Hitting Pedestrians on me. I will also happily give away free hugs. They range from uncomfortable to completely inappropriate and, for a few lucky people, maybe a loving pat on the back.

Catch all the crazy Facebook details HERE.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Awesome Cover Contest Part One

The first few entries for the Fill the Grand Canyon and Live Forever Awesome Cover Contest are in!

The first is by the lovely and talented C.V. Hunt. She describes it as "Some cover art."

In a virtual creative frenzy, the young unlovely and allegedly talented Josh Myers came up with TWO potential covers. He describes them as "hastily thrown together" and "magnificently crap."

Our final entry for the day is from Nathan Fizilli who says, "I'm not much of an artist, but here is a Highland inspired cover that I made for some reason."

Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fill the Grand Canyon and Live Forever Awesome Cover Contest

Fill the Grand Canyon and Live Forever will probably be out digitally within the next few months. I'm looking for the most awesome or brain damaged cover to represent it. You are invited to submit your MS Paint drawings or something more spectacular to with GRAND CANYON!!! in the subject line. I will post everything I get on this blog. I will probably end up using the one I find most entertaining and paying the creator absolutely nothing. The advantage of digital is that the book could have a potential spectrum of covers so I might end up using more than one. It's not really necessary to read or know what the book is about, but if you're curious, you can read some of an early version HERE. It went on hiatus when my life fell apart and then I was too depressed and lazy to keep updating it.

The contest will end on March 19 and, hopefully, the book will be live by April 1.

THIS IS THE IMPORTANT STUFF!!! It has to be at least 500 X 800 pixels. Have no idea what that means? Neither do I. Please send .jpg files only!

I'm looking forward to being awash in brilliance!