Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hi I'm a Social Disease Signed Copies

The paperback version (same as the digital version except it's made out of paper) of Hi I'm a Social Disease will be available soon. If you would like to order a copy from me, click on the link below. I'll take orders until January 31st. It's 10 dollars (shipping included, please add 5 dollars if you don't live in the US). I'll include a handwritten page ripped from the manuscript of Satanic Summer and probably a really stupid drawing in the book. BUT MAKE SURE TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT IT PERSONALIZED. Otherwise it will just be signed.


1 comment:

Josh said...

Done. Mind you, it'll probably show up as "Jennifer" on paypal, as I share an account.

If you could personalize it to "Josh" (because that's who I am) that'd be cool. Otherwise I'll probably be real mad or something.