Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Am Giving You War This Xmas

A fake one!

Beginning 12AM (Pacific) on Friday, December 23 through Christmas Day at midnight (Pacific), you can download My Fake War for Kindle for FREE. But please read on!

If you have already bought a paperback, that's cool. Thanks. Think about downloading the free version anyway and lending it to a friend. If you've already read it and liked it, help spread the word because...

In 2012 ALL OF MY PROCEEDS from this book (digital and paperback) are being donated to the Dayton International Peace Museum.


Because it's been a really rough year. I've lost almost everything I had at this time last year and yet I still have a family I'm close to, a place to sleep, things to eat, a job, people who read my shit and find it vaguely entertaining, and I don't have to go to sleep wondering when the next bomb is going to hit. If you live in America and you have those things, you have it SO GOOD.

Be festive this holiday season. Give lots of people lots of hugs. Seriously!