Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hi I'm a Social Disease

Hi I'm a Social Disease: Horror Stories
"Market Adjustment"
"The Man With the Face Like a Bruise"
"The Photographer"
"The Night the Moon Made a Sound"
"Room 19" (based on the Nick Cave song "From Her to Eternity")
"The Dust Season"
and "The Funeralgoer"

Coming very soon to an ereader near you...


Scott said...

Ooh ooh... how soon is soon?

Andy said...

By the end of the weekend on Smashwords. Probably early next week for Kindle.

Cameron Pierce said...


Anonymous said...

the best selection of horror short fiction ive read since barker's books of blood. i loved it finished it in one sitting.

sknnysr said...

I NEVER WAS A BIG READDER OF BOOKS BUT MY WIFE READS 5 TO 6 AT A TIME after readding some of your headings I think I'll take up book reading and leave them around at the family reunions , thsat ought to give them old biddys something to talk about .....SKNNYSR