Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bloggels, Fangoria, and the Huffington Post

Recently Huffington Post writer Claudia Ricci mentioned The Beard on her blog, My Story Lives. You can read The Beard for free HERE and HERE, pay .99 cents for the Kindle version HERE, or buy the paperback HERE. Claudia's novel, Seeing Red, is the first novel to be serialized on the Huffington Post.

Speaking of serialized novels on blogs... Beginning February 28, the first installment of Fill the Grand Canyon and Live Forever will be live. If you clicked on that link you'll notice it's subtitled Boring and Pointless: Volume One. This might lead you to believe there will be a volume two. That will be predicated on interest. If it seems like people are reading it, then I'll probably carry it over into a volume two (but volume one will be completely stand alone). If there is the complete lack of interest that I suspect will accompany it, then there probably will not be a volume two or there will be a volume two but it will only be like a paragraph long and all the characters remaining alive after volume one will meet with violent and horrifying deaths or be given those "Soandso and Suchandsuch were later married and continue to live blah blah blah..." that so many really great movies have at the end just so the one or two readers it does pick up don't feel left out in the cold. And by the way, my negativity is not just me fishing for compliments. I have documented proof.

And, in review news, Fangoria recently did a good write up for The Sorrow King. The trade paperback will be available in April. You can pre-order signed copies of that from me. Or you can check the previous entry for links to order the limited or lettered editions if you are the type of person who likes to buy hardcovers.

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