Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coming in 2011

The Sorrow King will be published as a trade paperback and digital edition through Grindhouse Press.

Dark Regions Press will be releasing a collection of my short stories.

Fill the Grand Canyon and Live Forever will be serialized on the Interwebs. This will be what I started writing for NaNoWriMo only with a middle and end and stuff. Provided it has 7 followers, there will be a Boring and Pointless, Volume Two next year.

Have a great 2011. As always, thanks for reading.


Nick Cato said...

LOVE the cover!

Andy said...

Thanks, Nick. The photo is by Michel Omar Berrospe and the design, as always, is by the wonderful Brandon Duncan.

Mike said...

Finally, I will be able to obtain the Sorrow King in trade paperback!!! I have been waiting for this for, what has it been now, two years?

Andy said...

Thanks, Mike. I think it was originally scheduled to be released as a limited in Sept. 2009. The publisher changed hands, confusion ensued, interest waned. It was finally released in September 2010 but, yeah, only in the pricey limited and even pricier lettered edition.