Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You'd Look Better With a Goat Head

So I've been wanting to post some sort of lengthy, well-written, and totally truthful report about Context, driving through New England (it was 1001 degrees), and Horrorfind. I'm not going to be able to do that for a while so watch this trailer by award-winning Albanian director Gordan K. Smith. He's been working on this thing for ten years. When you see the end result you might think it was all shot within the same half-hour period but, I assure you, it wasn't:

The main reason I'm not able to be online so much (and won't be for a while) is that we are moving. This is incredibly exciting but it means that most of my free time will be spent making the house we live in even more presentable to any potential norms that might want to buy it and making the house we'll be moving into less smelly. Until I return (and I know that you, whoever you are, will be holding your breath, unable to go about your daily routine) here are some things you should check out or just meditate upon:

D. Harlan Wilson's collection of insane, smart, hilarious flash fiction, They Had Goat Heads, is now available.

The Sorrow King is finally shipping! No, seriously, I had a friend email me and tell me she received it. The Horror Mall still has copies. This book is like a million dollars but it's really long and, maybe, "ambitious." It also comes with a free .pdf of another really long novel called The Storm.

I think I have sent out all the swag for my Slag Attack swag-a-thon (unless you live in Japan. If you live in Japan then it just went out today).

Keep being such fantastic, beautiful winners.