Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Dream People Issue 33

A few years ago I sent a story called "The Gravedigger" to a guy named D. Harlan Wilson for an online journal called The Dream People. It was one of my favorite online publications. The story was accepted and Wilson offered to pay me the price of a martini at a local bar. I didn't really drink martinis so I told him he could pay me with two paperclips and a Band-Aid. A week later I received an envelope with a letter congratulating me on my acceptance, along with two paperclips and a Band-Aid. I still have them somewhere.

Anyway, that's just a long way of saying how cool it is that Issue #33 seems to be completely centered around me.

So if you feel you need more of me in your life (I wouldn't recommend it) check out the latest issue and you'll find a number of flash fictions, reviews of my books, microcriticism of my author photo, a graphic version of my story, "Napper," by the spry and talented Brandon Duncan, and novel excerpts, including part of my upcoming Eraserhead Press book, My Fake War. However, if you read this in it's entirety you might end up finding some version of me napping on your couch.

Thanks again for D. Harlan Wilson and his unflappable assistant editor, Stanley Ashenbach, for putting this together.

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