Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reading Manko Reading Your Face

I did a reading this past Friday at the Night and Day Cafe with Patrick Wensink. Thanks to Patrick for setting it up and for the Night and Day for allowing us to peddle our wares, set off fireworks indoors, and sacrifice a live animal (you HAD to be there!) I thought we were going to be upstaged by the traveling donkey show continually circling the block. Also, thanks to the people who either a.) didn't have anything better to do or b.) showed up because they wanted to: Josiah and Stacy, Chris, Dan, Ry-guy and Pam, Melanie, and 50,000 other people whose names I didn't get. Sorry you had to stand in the parking lot. Next time I'll bring my PA system and Jumbotron. And thanks to my wife for filming the evening and giggling a lot. Here's a clip of the evening (complemented nicely by the periodic burring of coffee grinders which, let's not kid outselves, is kind of like my dream soundtrack):

The story I read is called "Reading Manko." I think this is the only place you can find it.

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Chris Bowsman said...

What a fucking disappointment the donkey show turned out to be, eh?