Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Sweater Smells Like Taco Bell

Here are some recent blurbs for The Beard:

"Okay at best." -Anonymous

"Loved it. If Holden Caulfield rented a timeshare in Vegas, only to find out he double booked with Hunter Thompson, and then they both sat down over a buffet of mind-altering drugs and wrote a book, I THINK it might be something like THE BEARD.

BEHOLD THE POWER OF FACIAL HAIR." -Nathaniel Lambert, co-author of Sideshow PI: The Devil's Garden (I highly recommend this, by the way)

"This book would make an excellent introduction to the world of Bizarro fiction." -Chris B., Goodreads

"...this quirkiness can be irritating, and if it was much longer I’d undoubtedly be infuriated by how ‘whacky’ it all is." -F.R.J., Goodreads

"It's like eating a creativity sandwich." -Daniel Clausen, author of The Lexical Funk

"I read this book backwards." -Jasmine, Goodreads

"Sure to please any fan of weird fiction." -Grant Wamack

"I can't help feeling cheated by its shallowness." -Tortla, Goodreads

"I loved this book. I loved its feel, its pace, and its imagery." -Lucas Thorn, Lateral Obsessions

"I have no time to waste on books that seem a chore to get through. Absolutely not recommended." -K.G., Amazon Reviewer


Chris Bowsman said...

I'm excited to have one of my comments elevated to "blurb"status.

Andy said...

Well, I would say you're in "mixed comapany".

Julia Sevin said...

Ha! I adore that you included the negative reviews. It's like a friendly reminder that everything is subjective and anyone who says their product will please everybody is knowingly presenting a bona fide five-dollar foot long of Lie on Rye.

Andy said...

Variety is indeed the spice of life.

Christina E. Rodriguez said...

Good on you for posting both types of reviews. That takes guts!