Saturday, October 10, 2009

You Probably Shouldn't Wear That

My novel, The Beard, is now available as a trade paperback.

Here's a description for it:

Seven-year-old David Glum watches as his grandfather is abducted by a legendary herd of elephants. Twenty years later, after failing to sell his novel to a New York publisher, David returns to his parents’ home to focus on growing a beard, a goal he feels sure he can accomplish. Once the beard reaches a respectable girth, uncontrollable things begin happening around him. His mother dies… maybe. His father might really be a man named Gary Wrench. David is sure of only one thing: his family is cursed. It could have something to do with an eternal flame his grandfather stole from a possibly imaginary group of people called the Nefarions. David and Wrench begin a surreal cross-country journey that might have something to do with saving the world. Along the way they pass through a number of absurd towns, meet some disagreeable people, and discover an America that is radically different from the one they thought they knew, a place where nothing can be accepted for what it seems to be. And all the while, the beard grows, gaining strength, leading them toward a distant island that most people think doesn’t exist…

If you're interested in reviewing it for Goodreads or Amazon or any other place, send the publisher an email at and a link to any of your previous reviews.

Lastly, if you haven't pre-ordered The Sorrow King limited, do so now! This is its last week for purchase. Once the pre-order is taken down, it is no longer available. Although we do have something Amazing (that's right, it's capitalized) planned for the lettered edition. Something that may never have been done before.

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