Monday, September 21, 2009

He Hit Me In the Head and I Saw God or Something Like It or Maybe It Was Just Blackness

Here are some random pages from the manuscript of The Sorrow King:

And here's the whole manuscript with The Poopsmith, a unicorn impaling a businessman, and a ninja:

Friday, September 18, 2009

Paul's Character Spent Most of the Second Season Crying

My novel, The Beard, is currently available as a Kindle download for a measly 99 cents.

Clicking HERE is your passport to cheap entertainment.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Swallowed by Summer

I realize that, other than The Sorrow King promotions, my blog has been kind of blah lately. It's been a busy summer. My wife and I took a road trip out to the Stokers in Los Angeles, which was great. Then we took the kids to Florida. Also great. Except for the douche who ran his truck into ours (see photos). Went to the Context convention in Columbus last weekend. It was a hundred percent better than last year. Around this traveling, I've been going to my 40-plus hour a week day job and writing after midnight until unconsciousness sets in. So... not a lot of time to write blogs. Here are some reminders and updates:

The Sorrow King is still available at The Horror Mall. It will only be up for pre-order for about another month, and it's limited to only 150 copies, so snag your copy now.

Zerostrata and The Overwhelming Urge have both been nominated for the Wonderland Book Award. One in the novel category and one in the collection category. Many thanks if you read and voted for them. If you haven't read them yet but are interested, you can click the covers to your right and it will provide you with purchase info. It's really like a magic portal into my wallet.

Morning is Dead has been accepted by Cargo Cult and should be released sometime next year.

I've turned two manuscripts into Eraserhead. At least one of them should be released next year. Not sure what the title's going to be.

The Beard might also see print next year. Currently, it's available online for free.

And I'm also talking with another publisher about releasing a story collection. Details to follow.