Thursday, June 4, 2009

Market Adjustment Shipping

Market Adjustment and Other Tales of Avarice begins shipping this week. If you missed your chance to order a copy during the pre-order period, the Horror Mall has a few copies left: CLICK HERE


Mike said...

Andersen, I really "really" want to read MARKET ADJUSTMENT and SORROW KING but I really can't shell out $50 for a book, you know? And since SORROW KING is coming from Cargo Cult Press again this September, I feel like it's going to be another $50 book. Are these ever coming out on paperback? If not, is the price ever going down? I want to read everything you've written but $100 for two books? I really don't know.

Andy said...

Mike, thanks for the interest! I feel your pain, believe me. These are extremely nice books, well worth owning. They are and will be available from They allow things like layaway, which makes it a little bit easier to pay. Also, typically, Cargo Cult's books maintain their value so you could read it and sell it on eBay or something. I would love to have all of my books available in affordable editions. Unfortunately, I don't currently have a publisher lined up to release either of these books in a paperback format. I'm sure if and when that happens, I'll post something about it.

Thanks again for the interest.