Sunday, February 1, 2009


2009 is already trucking along. I completed my first piece, a very long short story(around 10,000 words) called "The Sex Beast of Scurvy Island." With any luck, it should be appearing in the debut issue of The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction.

If you missed the chat from last week and want to read a transcript of it, you can check it out HERE. Thanks to everyone who took time out to come by and say hi!

Norm Rubenstein wrote an awesome advance review of Market Adjustment and Other Tales of Avarice on his blog. You can read it HERE.

And if you haven't ordered Market Adjustment you only have until February 27 to do so. There will only be as many copies as are preordered, with a cap of 150 signed copies and 26 lettered copies.

It was brought up in the chat if I thought it was ironic that a book with an economic depression as its jumping point was retailing with a starting cost of 50 dollars. Believe me, there is no irony intended. At its core, the book is about corporate greed. In the typical retail world, you pay top dollar for the most inexpensively produced goods purchased from a publicly owned corporation. Meaning, when you pay for that latest hardcover from Barnes and Noble or Amazon, you're paying around 30 dollars for an item that is produced in the thousands or possibly even hundreds of thousands. If you buy Market Adjustment, you will be purchasing it from an independent retailer (Horror Mall), you will get a great-looking, unique book to put on your shelf, the publisher will make money, and the writer will make money. Cargo Cult Press and I are doing everything we can to make this a book one that is truly one of a kind. Each book will contain an individual 6 word story, hand written by me, on a very familiar kind of currency.

All right, it's back to writing for me!

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