Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eraserhead Press

The very kind, very cool folks at Eraserhead Press have accepted three of my books for publication. I've had to delay this post because I've been celebrating with a weeklong bender ending in back alley knifefights. Scarred and bloody, I was able to crawl to my keyboard in an attempt to convey my ecstatic jubilation. Soon, I'm going to vomit, take some morphine and sleep for three days. Here is a brief rundown of what they accepted:

THE OVERWHELMING URGE is a collection of flash fictions and should be out in early 2008. You can read selections from it HERE!

ZEROSTRATA is a bizarro love story involving treehouses, drugged up parents, a psychotic therapist named Dr. Blast and superheroes. More to come.

JACK AND MR. GRIN is the working title for an incredibly vicious, wildly surreal horror-suspense nightmare novel. More to come.

Hats off to Rose O'Keefe and Carlton Mellick III, the diabolical engineers of Eraserhead!

Buckets Out! Knives Up!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Multifaceted Podcast of the Mythical Corporate Demon

My good friend, Brandon Duncan, has included me reading a small group of stories on his latest podcast. There is also an impressive selection of ear pleasing music. You can download it absolutely free from iTunes or listen to it online. Just click HERE!